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Areas Of Practice

Insurance Coverage, Bad Faith and Allocation


Entertainment & Intellectual Property

Information Technology & Internet

Probate, Trust & Estate

Construction & Real Estate

Securities & Investments

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Areas of Focus

About Jeff and His Mediation Practice...

Jeff Kichaven is an Honors Graduate of the Harvard Law School (J.D. Cum Laude, 1980), a Phi Beta Kappa Graduate of the University of California, Berkeley (A.B. Economics, 1977), and a veteran of 15 years of complex business litigation experience as a partner in Los Angeles' Alschuler, Grossman & Pines.

In 1995, Jeff left the Alschuler firm to practice with now-Federal Judge Dean Pregerson and begin his ADR practice. Now a full-time neutral, Jeff mediates over 150 days per year in a wide range of cases. The primary areas of concentration in Jeff's mediation practice are:

Not every case can be pigeonholed by "type." Many complex cases involve a variety of laws and issues. Because of Jeff's strong academic resume and breadth of litigation and mediation experience, he can quickly understand the facts and get up to speed on the law in even the most complicated situations.

In mediation, Jeff works hard to make sure you and your client develop realistic assessments of your positions through detailed analysis of facts and law. Each mediation is custom-designed to address the needs of your case, your client, and all people involved. Every case is different and every client is different. Jeff does not offer boilerplate processes. He spends the time necessary to read and talk to you in advance about your case to help you provide appropriate, effective guidance to your client while you pursue settlement options. Jeff is always prepared and persistent. He is committed to providing the proper environment for you and your client to make the best possible decisions about available litigation and settlement options. Almost all the time, if people come to mediation with the intent to settle, they settle, and Jeff makes sure of it. Jeff also respects, though, that people have a constitutional right to a trial if they want one, and that in some cases proceeding to trial is honestly the choice that serves your clients' interests best. When you and your client want the most highly skilled help available to analyze options and make smart choices, contact Jeff.

Visit Jeff's profile to learn more about him.

If you are looking for a mediator with whom you and your client can connect, who will provide a reliable reality check, and who will act as an honest broker to help you and your client reach settlement and closure if at all reasonably possible, contact Jeff anytime.

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