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In Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith, I have mediated cases arising under many different sorts of policies.  The most common scenarios involve CGL policies and insurers defending under reservations of rights.  Those scenarios result in three-cornered mediations between third-party plaintiffs, defendants/policyholders, and their carrier or carriers.  The issues are whether settlement with the plaintiffs is possible and, if so, how that settlement will be funded.

Many other coverage cases involve first-party property claims and third-party claims under E&O, EPL, and a variety of other policies.  I have mediated particularly complex cases arising under D&O policies as well.

In Intellectual Property, my practice runs the gamut of Patent, Trademark, Copyright, and Trade Secret cases, with some Franchisor/Franchisee cases for good measure.

The Patent Infringement cases have included computer hardware and software disputes, as well as cases arising under a variety of other technologies and designs.  My Trademark Infringement cases have covered the full range of products in our economy, including food, clothing, electronics, and more.  I’ve handled Copyright Infringement disputes involving motion pictures, television shows, websites, songs, books, textiles, and every other creative endeavor.  Trade Secret cases often involve generational conflicts and have also come up in a variety of industries.

Finally, my Professional Liability experience includes claims against lawyers and accountants in a wide range of practice settings.  These cases frequently have significant insurance coverage dimensions as well.


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